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Bonus slots come in a variety of different types which we’re going to look at, but one thing they all have in common is slot they offer some sort of bonus for the player. The thrill of winning a bonus is a lot more fun then winning a normal slot machine spin plus you’re also going to be rewarded better. Every online casino offer bonus slot machines for players and some casinos will offer more then others. The casinos which specialize in slot machines tend to have the most bonus slot machines in there casino for obvious reasons.

Bonus slot machines are either standard slot machines or multi-line slot machines with a bonus and they aren’t any type of different slot machine just in case you didn’t know that. When you’re playing in a casino some slots might have bonuses, but they can be hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There are quite a few different bonus slot machines you’ll find on the internet in online casinos and we’re going to look at those now.

  • The most common type of bonus slot machine is to offer free spins for players. This bonus slot machines isn’t really ideal for winning anything good, but it can help make your money last longer. On more advanced slot machines you’ll find that instead of a free spin you’ll be given a free round. This is the same thing and although it’s better then no bonus it isn’t really worth playing these machines too often.
  • The best slot machines too look for are the slot machines which offer cash and prizes as a bonus. Some casinos will run promotions where they offer expensive items and cash for winners of the bonus and these are the types of slot machines you want to find. Land based casinos will usually also have a couple sets of slot machines where they have a grand prize of cash or sometimes cars for winners of the bonus.

Most of the time these slot machines are the same price as normal slot machines and the payouts are usually the same although you tend to not win as much on these machines. The chances of winning bonuses aren’t that great, but many people have in the past and all you need is a bit of luck. All slot machine players already know that playing slots is for entertainment and any money won is from luck, but it is worth playing the bonus slot machines when you can just in case it’s your turn to get lucky.

The bonus slot machines tend to also be more graphical and creative which makes the playing experience more fun for us players. Make sure you check out our list below of casinos with bonus slots so that you can start playing to win huge prizes and cash. Don’t forget that apart from the bonuses you’ll also be paid regular payouts for the slot machine on winning spins so you aren’t just trying to win the bonus it’s just an added extra.

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