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For the longest time MAC users weren’t allowed to use online casinos because they weren’t compatible which meant unless you had a PC you’d be out of luck. Over the past few years many online casinos have started making MAC versions of there online casino which means if you have a MAC you can now play on an online casino. Everything is the same as if you were playing on a PC and there is no difference.

You’ll find that online casinos have both downloaded and no download options for MAC users and it’s recommended that you choose the no download option if you can. By not downloading any software to your computer you’ll be able to protect yourself from downloading any viruses or malicious software. You will also be able to play on any MAC computer in the world with a no download casino without the need to download anything before playing.

All MAC casinos have a full array of games available in there casino ranging from table games, card games and slot machines. Some of the most popular games are blackjack, roulette, craps and pai gow poker. The graphics on the casinos are presented in flash and are very realistic in relation to the real thing. You won’t find any negatives of playing on a MAC over a PC and lately MAC’s have been becoming better computers. All of the games and casinos have strong graphics and when displayed on a MAC they shine through the screen.


As a MAC computer user it isn’t good enough just joining any casino you find which is compatible with your OS because it might not be the best casino. You should analyze some factors such as customer support, bonus programs, promotions, games and traffic of every casino before joining one. Another important factor to look for is that your country can play in the casino and you have banking options which you can use. A lot of the MAC compatible casinos allow USA players so there shouldn’t be any problems for US players finding a MAC casino.

With the popularity of MAC computers becoming more popular more online casinos have been implementing MAC compatible casino versions. Popular online casinos such as 888 have added special MAC user game sections which have helped the casino continue to grow. If you’re new to playing casino games online make sure you join one of the large and reputable brands so that you can feel safe and not have to worry about any problems.

All new MAC players will be eligible for a bonus from the casino they decide to join so make sure that you get your bonus. Some of them are automatic, but some will require you to enter a bonus code when signing up so keep that in mind. MAC computers are a lot more efficient then PC’s and they are also safer to use because there aren’t nearly as many exploits. If you’re going to be buying a new computer anytime soon I would suggest buying a MAC and then testing out online gaming with your MAC and compare it to how it was on your PC. Below you’ll find the best MAC casinos with nice bonuses and most of them accept US players.