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When you play slot machines whether in a land based casino or online casino they all have a payout percentage that they payback over the long run. It’s good to note quickly that most online casinos have better payout percentages then land based casinos making it better to play online slots then slots at your local land based casino. If you’re unsure exactly what a payout percentage is we’re going to define it for you in simple terms. A payout percentage for slot machines is simply how much the slot machine pays out over thousands of spins. For instance, if the payout percentage of the slot machines at a certain online casino is 95% then that means the slots payout $95 for every $100 received. One thing a lot of players get confused with is that the payout percentage is based on thousands of spins and not just a handful of spins so if you spend $100 in a slot machine then it might not payout anywhere near $95, but it could also payout a lot more then $95.

The reason I feel it’s important to discuss the payout percentage is because most online casinos list there payout percentages for all there games. Most of the time payout percentages are determined by a third party company who audits the casino on a regular basis. This is to ensure that the online casino is being fair and not taking to much of a percentage from players. When you’re choosing an online casino you need to make sure that you spend some time looking at the payout percentages for the slot machines if you plan on playing them.

If the online casino you’re looking to join doesn’t have the payout percentages visible on there website then it’s usually safe to say they’re lower then they should be and you shouldn’t join that casino. Almost every good online casino will list there payout percentages and you can use this as a factor when joining a casino. Obviously you want to play at a casino with the best payout percentage, but don’t put to much weight on this factor alone. The reason you don’t want to do this is because most online casino are within a couple points of a percent on there payout percentages meaning it won’t make any difference to a casual slots player.

Most online casinos will have a payout percentage of about 95% with some a little bit higher and some a little bit lower. If you’re thinking about joining a casino and there payout percentage is below 94% for slots then you should think twice about making that move because you’re losing almost a full 1%. Payout percentages change all of the time as the economy changes so you’ll need to keep checking your casinos website for changes each month. Usually changes aren’t drastic, but it’s always better to know then to guess when it comes to dealing with your money. Remember that slot machines are suppose to be fun so although these factors are important don’t let them eat you up to much and just focus on relaxing and having fun.