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Slot machines are very popular and played every year by millions of people. Over the years there have been many myths that have been spread throughout the slot player community. This is why you need to be able to determine what is fact and what is a myth. In this article we’re going to share some common secrets and myths that slot players have been spreading around for years.

  • A common myth is that when you’re playing at the casino you’ll be able to spot out a slot machine which is about to payout a large amount of money. Nowadays all slot machines are using random number generators which makes it impossible to be able to determine when a slot machine is going to win. A slot machine could potentially not win a spin for hours on end before winning a small amount.
  • Another myth is thinking that the casino employees are able to determine whether or not a slot machine is going to win. There are no magic buttons anywhere in the casino which determine whether a slot machine is going to win or lose so don’t believe anything you hear like that. Remember that random number generators are used in slot machines so nothing except the computer chip knows whether the spin is going to be a winner or loser before you do.
  • Most slot machines allow you to pull a lever as well as push a button depending on your preference. Some people have started a myth years ago saying that pulling the lever will help you win more often then pushing the button. Both pushing the button and pulling the lever starts the random number generator so there is no difference in using either of the two.
  • There are no days in the week when casinos set there slot machines to payout a higher percentage. The percentage does change from time to time, but it isn’t at the casinos discretion and it definitely doesn’t happen every week. The casinos need to follow certain laws to ensure fair play in there casino and if they break these laws then they will get shut down. The casino needs to offer the payout percentage which is told to them by a third party company and they have no control over anything to do with it.
  • There is no more ways to rig a slot machine if it’s using a random number generator so anyone who tells you there is a way is just lying to you. One of the common ways people say to rig a machine is to heat up your coins and then use them to play. This doesn’t work and will only get you into trouble for being so unintelligent.

The above are some common myths which often get passed around the slot community. Most of you who aren’t new to slots will already know not to believe most of the stuff you hear, but new players won’t. If you’re a new player then don’t believe everything you hear at the slot machines because a lot of it will be myths that have no merit.