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Online Slot Terms

There aren’t that many slot machine terms which you need to become familiar with and you actually don’t need to learn any of them if you really don’t want too. The reason most people tend to learn the basic terms is so that they can understand the terms being used when another slot player is talking with them. It’s also a lot more fun to play slot machines when you understand the terms and what they mean.

  • Pay Lines – A pay line is an imaginary line of the slot machine reels which determine where you need to match the symbols. When you match the symbols on a pay line then you win the payout for that spin. Standard slot machines only have one pay line whereas multi-line slot machines have multiple pay lines which can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal.
  • Multiplier Slots – A multiplier slot machine is simply a machine which has a sliding scale on how many credits you can play with on the given machine. For instance, some slot machines will allow you to play for 1, 2 and 3 credits with a 1 credit spin paying 3, a 2 credit spin paying 6 and a 3 credit pay paying 9. The more credits you play with the more credits you win which is why it’s suggested to always play for the maximum amount of credits when you play slot machines.
  • Bonus Multiplier – A bonus multiplier slot machine is the same as a multiplier slot machine except for one difference. Instead of offering a sliding scale or payouts to players the bonus multiplier machines are used to determine whether or not you qualify for a bonus. If you have played the maximum amount of credits then you can win the bonus on the machine, but if you play for anything under the maximum amount of credits you don’t qualify for the bonus multiplier.
  • Fill – A fill is when an employee of the casino needs to re-fill the machine with coins for payout. Not all machines payout this way anymore and most use a simple printed piece of paper with your winnings listed on the paper, but you might experience this. When a fill is needed you will be asked to move to another slot machine while the process if completed.
  • Slot Schedule – A slot schedule is important to locate when you sit down to play a slot machine because it lists vital information such as the type of machine, how much it costs to play and how much you win for the possible pay lines.
  • House Edge – The house edge is simply a term used to describe the percent that the casino has over you when you play slots. The house has the advantage in all casino games and it’s important to learn the house advantage for the game you play and how to limit them when possible.

These are the most common slot machine terms you’re going to hear and use as a slot machine player. I’m sure you’ll learn some other terms along the way from some people at your local casino because everyone uses there own slang, but this list will allow you to understand what’s going on.