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I recommend playing standard slot machines and five reel slot machines before you start playing progressive slot machines. There really is no difference although progressive jackpots are more expensive to play typically because you have the chance at becoming rich from one lucky spin of the slot. Ideally when you play progressive jackpots you won’t to find a machine that doesn’t cost much more per spin then you’re use to spending. The chances at winning a progressive jackpot on a slot machine are very slim, but it does happen all the time so it’s worth playing them as a slot player. There are numerous ways that progressive jackpots are calculated and they are as followed.

  • The first way is by adding up a percentage of the losses on one slot machine and putting it into a jackpot for that machine. These aren’t as common nowadays, but you’ll still find them throughout online casinos and some land based casinos.
  • The most common progressive jackpots you’ll find are linked groups of slot machines that all contribute to the same jackpot. A percentage of all the losses on a group of machines are added to one main jackpot which one lucky player will win. These slot machines are common in land based casinos and online casinos and often the jackpot are in the six and seven figures. If you win one of these progressive jackpots it will be life changing for most people and definitely the type of progressive jackpot slot you should look for.
  • The final way progressive jackpots can be calculated is by linking multiple machines together from different casinos. The jackpot will be displayed at each casino where the machine is linked and these jackpots often are the biggest you can win because the machines are in multiple casinos. You’re a lot less likely to win one of these jackpots, but they are the largest and most rewarding.

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Progressive jackpot slot machines are often the most entertaining slot machines in the casino because the casino wants you to play them. They often have the best graphics and some of them even have a storyline you can follow along with as you play. In order to win a progressive jackpot on a slot machine you need to remember that you always need to play for the maximum credits on the machine because if you don’t you don’t qualify to win the jackpot. Nothing would be worse then to win the jackpot and find out you didn’t qualify for the jackpot prize because you weren’t playing for the maximum amount of credits.

Every month there are players online who win the progressive jackpots located at the various online casinos. Almost every casino offers progressive jackpots although some don’t so make sure if you want to play these types of slots you find out if the casino offers them first. The best online casinos with progressive jackpots are all listed below and should be plenty of options for you to choose from.