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Standard Slots

There are numerous different slot types in online casinos and the most common type is the standard slot machine which can be found in every land based casino and online casino. A standard slot machine is a three reel slot machine where the goal is to match the symbols on the pay line. There is only one pay line on a standard slot machine and it allows for a much simpler playing experience for players just looking too relax. There is no doubt that the standard slot machine is the most popular amongst the masses although most frequent slot machine players spend most of there time playing the more adventurous slots.

The standard slot machine is completely random and there is no way to help yourself win because it’s all luck. The three reel slot machines are also known to payout more commonly then other slot machines which are a good reason as to why you should play these when you’re new. The payouts aren’t as good on three reel slots, but they do pay out often because the odds are better. When you only need to match three symbols on one pay line the chances are better then trying to match four or five reel machines.

888 Slots

Standard slot machines can be found in a variety of different themes online whereas in the casino you’ll typically find the Lucky 7 type of slot machine. In an online casino you’ll find three reel slot machines based around lots of popular themes such as comics, movies, celebrities, women, countries and a whole lot more. You can find all sorts of neat three reel slots to play and the reason there are so many different types is because players often want to switch it up after awhile. If you play a sports slot machine for an hour chances are you’re probably getting bored of the symbols so you might want to switch and start playing on a standard slot machine with cartoon symbols.

When you play a standard slot machine at an online casino it will usually have a table off to the side which lists the payouts for every spin. Since there is only one pay line and three reels there aren’t many winning combinations out there so it’s easy to list the payouts for players. Make sure you always play for the maximum amount of credit allowed on the machine so that you get paid out the most you can when you win.

Every casino will have standard slot machines to play, but some casinos will have better machines and designs then other casinos. Make sure you check out the different casinos slot machines before depositing money so you can find a casino with games you think you’ll like. Also take into consideration that some online casinos will have bonuses and jackpots that can be won on some standard slot machines. Most keep the big jackpots for the bigger slot machines, but you’ll still find some in some of the online casinos out there.